Notifies Marketing Agencies when a new business pitch is up

Find New Business

Our system monitors all marketing-related news (via web and social platforms) to find new business opportunities for your marketing and advertising agency. Each time a new opportunity is discovered, we add it to our list. If the opportunity fits your profile, we'll notify you right away about the situation at hand.
Stop searching for new business. Let it come your way!

“Timely, comprehensive and actionable, another GREAT service from Cubeyou.”

Get Brief and Contacts

Every pitch alert comes with a full description of the opportunity at hand and a list of possible contacts to reach out to. If you think you are the perfect candidate, just shot out an intro email or give the prospect a call. No more wasting time calling accounts that are not ready to consider your services!

“Finally, not only publicly available RFP's, but a comprehensive list of private sector opportunities.”

Get Smart. Fast!

Each opportunity comes with:

  • Full analysis about the prospect's industry and competition.
  • Complete targeted buyer persona.
  • The best research, articles and resources available on the subject.

Each week, we'll pick one of the open opportunities and put all this info together in a ready-to-go Pitch Brief.
Stop googling and get smart in seconds.

“Each pitch brief literally saves us hours of web searches, all you need to brief your strategy team is just one click away.”

Never miss an RFP again!
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